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Fire Safety Consultancy & Risk Assessment

  • Fire Risk Assessments & Reviews
  • Fire Compartmentation Surveys
  • Fire Door Survey & Inspection
  • Fire Safety Advisor

Our core activities are built around offering sound, pragmatic advice and guidance on how to reduce, mitigate and manage the fire risks within your premises and to assist you with your overall building fire safety management strategy. We have considerable experience in working across all sectors of industry and commerce, assessing and auditing every type of premises and occupancy. We take great pride in our role in identifying potential fire hazards in your workplace, reducing the risidual risk to as low as possible and to evaluate your compliance against the regulatory requirements set out in the Fire Safety Order 2005. Only where necessary and crucial for the safety of all occupants will we recommend improvements to help you achieve a high standard of fire safety within your premises.

Fire Risk Assessments

We carry out compliant fire risk assessments to all types of premises and workplaces.

Our service will include:

  • A fire risk assessment visit and inspection of your premises by an industry qualified professional assessor.
  • A fully documented comprehensive and compliant fire risk assessment. 
  • Continued on-going fire safety support and guidance to ensure your compliance.

Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

We carry out reviews and audits of any previously completed fire risk assessment.


Our service will include:

  • A review audit of your current fire risk assessment and premises
  • A fully documented fire risk review, referencing the original assessment, with recommendations on improvement and compliance where required.
  • Continued on-going fire safety support and guidance.

Fire Safety Advisor

We aim to develop a long term partnership with you, our client, to ensure continuity in your fire safety management.

Our service will include:

  • Trusted advice that assists you to plan for change in your business and premises.
  • Trusted advice on every fire safety concern, compliance and best practice.
  • Ensuring your complete peace of mind on all fire safety matters so you can get on with running your business.

To find out more about our services or to arrange a vist please call 07971 860889 or email

Why take this seriously?

Whether you’re an employer, landlord, managing agent or a building owner or occupier, you are responsible in law for the fire safety of your premises, its occupants and any other relevant persons who may be affected - including the impact on the wider surrounding area and occupants, and also the attending fire and rescue service. There are circumstances where you may have joint responsibility with other responsible persons -  if you’re in a multi-occupied building for example - but the same level of accountability will still sit on your shoulders. It’s important in these circumstances, therefore, that you must take all reasonable steps to co-operate and co-ordinate your fire safety efforts to ultimately achieve a suitable and sufficient level of fire safety for all. When it comes to fire safety there is no cutting corners, ignoring the rules or passing the buck…


How do you ensure you meet your fire safety responsibilities?

You must carry out a fire risk assessment and record any significant findings. This must be completed by a "competent" person. Through our memberships of the Institue of Fire Engineers, Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Fire Protection Association, along with our qualifications, skills, training and great deal of experience acorss all industries we are recognised to be deemed "competent" to provide you with a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

If an assessment is not completed or found to be insufficient by the relevant local inspecting authority, subject to their findings, its possible improvement or restriction notices may be issued that will require you to make certain changes within a set period of time. You might even find that the use of part of your premises is restricted until the issues are sorted and it can be proved that an imporved level of fire safety has been achieved. Failure to comply with the law or any notice issued is an offence and may result in prosecution.

You must then ensure the assessment process is followed up and maintained, where any actions identified are resolved within a defined period. To remain compliant you must ensure that the assessment is reviewed at regular intervals by a competent person and it may also be necessary for a review to take place if there is reason to believe the original assessment is no longer valid. Examples of when this may be the case are:

  • If new hazards have been introduced.
  • If the building has undergone significant changes, in nature, structure, layout or the occupancy for example.
  • If there has been a ‘near miss’ fire event.

By carrying out these reviews, you are able to show an enforcing authority, your insurer, and your occupants, that you are being pro-active in your approach to fire safety and take your responsibilities seriously.

You must ensure the safety of all persons on your premises at all times by providing them with adequate training in fire safety and fire equipment use, which must be updated and refreshed at regular intervals. The premises must also be provided with adequate fire precautions where necessary such as, fire detection & alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire doors etc… with these precautions being subject to suitable systems of inspection and maintenance.